Vocational rehabilitation

Work is important! Work should be fun!  

For many years, we have been integrating people with intellectual and psychological disabilities into work processes. Again and again we create new, modern and exciting work areas. It never gets old. 

There are attractive opportunities for professional development. With us, people with disabilities can become models and designers, specialized professionals, or Olympic champions. Everything is possible!


Contact Person
Sandra Pörtner

0203.34 85 97 - 37

Kalkweg 10 e, 47055 Duisburg


Erfolgsgeschichten 01 Erfolgsgeschichten 01


Let’s go! People with mental and psychological disabilities get a flying start.
We’re testing out a 27-month long “springboard”. What brings me joy? What can I do? Where do I want to go?

Berufliche Rehabilitation Sprungbrett Berufliche Rehabilitation Sprungbrett

Working areas

You want to go to our workplace’s “Sprungbrett”? Your insurance provider agrees? Let’s go! You can develop yourself here.  

We offer activities in our restaurants, in our own shop “Ars Vivendi”, in the “FahrradWerkstatt” (our bicycle repair shop) or in the field of fashion and design. Or would you prefer to work in the production and service sector? We’ll find the job that suits you!

Berufliche Rehabilitation Arbeitsbereiche Berufliche Rehabilitation Arbeitsbereiche

Work outside

It is important to us that employees can develop themselves further. For example, we’re gaining qualifications in the areas of warehousing and logistics. We are looking for interesting new challenges.

It’s how we help you to gain confidence, to try new things, and to get a good start in the general job market. We can always see the strengths and talents! Let’s go!

Berufliche Rehabilitation Aussenarbeit Berufliche Rehabilitation Aussenarbeit

Maßwerkkatalog - Training catalogue

Once a year, we publish our “Maßwerkkatalog”. It’s where all employees can find an exciting range of training courses and seminars.  

There is something for everyone, because diversity is one of our strengths.

Masswerkkatalog 01 Masswerkkatalog 01